Bitcoin after Twitter Hack

Recently, a hack on the social network Twitter occurred and took over official Twitter accounts of famous people and companies. Following this, Twitter reported that their activity is returning to normal, after having been temporarily suspended. However, the hacking caused complete chaos. Now, what happened to Bitcoin after the twitter hack?

Interest in Bitcoin is still strong after the Twitter incident

What the swindlers tried to do after hacking into official Twitter accounts of influential people was to invite people to send them bitcoins with the promise of paying them back double. The messages, most of which were deleted, appeared in the accounts of numerous highly visible users.

However, despite all this uncertainty, interest in Bitcoin is still alive. Although Bitcoin is not to blame for being used as part of the hackers‘ strategy, it is obviously affected. In fact, moments after the Twitter event, the price of the main crypt-currency in the market fell, and although we can’t say for sure that this was the reason, there is speculation that this is the main reason for the fall in the price.

But, as far as the interest behind Bitcoin is concerned, it has managed to recover and increase during the last few days, even after the twitter hack.

Interest in Bitcoin: Stronger than ever despite what happened on Twitter

13 Bitcoins have logged in after Twitter hacking
Hackers on Wednesday hacked into the Twitter accounts of billionaires Bill Gates and Elon Musk or former U.S. President Barack Obama, among many others, for a scam offering Bitcoin payments.

Hackers posted similar messages offering to double the money users put into Bitcoin to a virtual crypto-currency wallet. In about 13 hours, they have entered almost 13 BTCs.

„I’m giving back to the community! All Bitcoin entered at the following address will be returned in duplicate! If you send $1,000, I will return $2,000. I’ll only do it for 30 minutes.“

The site, which monitors transactions in crypto-currencies, said that about 12.58 bitcoins, equivalent to about $116,000, were sent to the email address mentioned in the fraud tweets.

On the other hand, although the damage caused to Crypto Cash will probably end up costing the company several million dollars. Finally, the monetary gains of the scammers have been minimal.

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