Chancer Launches Token Presale: Disrupting the Predictions Market

• Chancer is a new company looking to disrupt the predictions market using blockchain technology.
• Users will have access to existing markets and be able to create their own personalised markets.
• The ecosystem will be secured with the Binance Chain blockchain and facilitated by the $CHANCER token.

Chancer: Disrupting the Predictions Market

What is Chancer?

Chancer is an innovative company that seeks to change the sports betting industry by introducing new features not offered by existing companies. Their ecosystem, powered by the Binance Chain blockchain, provides users with access to existing markets, as well as allowing them to create their own customised markets for events such as elections or upcoming games. The $CHANCER token will facilitate this process and in future can also be used for governance purposes such as voting on proposals.

Features of Chancer

The Chancer platform will include several features that set it apart from other betting sites. These include smart contracts, open-source code, decentralised nodes and decentralised data storage which are all powered by the Binance Chain blockchain. This means that users’ bets are securely stored on a public ledger ensuring transparency and accuracy of results.

Growth of Sports Betting Industry

The sports betting industry has seen significant growth over recent years, largely due to its legalization in certain countries like the United States where online betting was previously prohibited. Companies such as Fanduel, DraftKings and BetMGM have grown into multi-billion dollar businesses due to this surge in popularity of sports betting. As a result, there has been an increasing demand for services that can provide new features not available elsewhere and this is what Chancier looks to provide with its platform.

Advantages of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology offers numerous advantages over traditional methods when it comes to predicting outcomes of events or creating customised markets for users to bet on. Its global nature allows anyone from anywhere in the world, regardless of location restrictions or legal regulations on gambling activities, access these platforms without any issues arising from compliance with local laws or jurisdictional boundaries being crossed unknowingly. Additionally, its decentralised nature ensures security and transparency when conducting transactions between participants making it ideal for use within this sector especially when dealing with large amounts of money changing hands quickly between parties around the world instantly without having trustworthiness issues arise during those transactions due to lack of trust among participants nor authentication problems occurring throughout those transfers due to lack of supervision over them either locally or internationally whatsoever .


In conclusion, while there are many companies trying to disrupt the sports betting industry using blockchain technology few offer such unique features as those provided by Chancier’s platform which makes it stand out amongst competitors in this sector thereby making it an attractive option both now and in future prospects for people interested in participating within this space either professionally through investing capital into it or just casually through wagering small amounts regularly against others worldwide without any fear whatsoever concerning safety related matters associated with doing so either legally or otherwise thus far .

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